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Case Study Private client – St John’s Wood

The Client:

Private client - St John's Wood



The Job:

Construction, dilapidations, internal finishes, furniture and joinery plus landscaping for a basement apartment

What we did:

When we say you are in safe hands with an East On Living project, nothing illustrates this better than this highly ambitious basement apartment project. With space at a premium in London, it makes sense to explore the possibilities of creating homes from beneath existing buildings – and that’s exactly what we did here: create a new apartment underneath an established block of flats.

Safety of the existing building above the new apartment was of course paramount and the East On Living team are delighted to have finished the project successfully. Whilst we’d normally share images of our newly -completed properties, we are so proud of the construction process we used here that we thought you’d like to see it too.

private client st johns wood


Access to space was restricted, with no parking. The façade had to be pinned to the core before cutting.
We had to underpin the structure and pour concrete in a challenging environment, whilst installation of vibration and movement detection was required throughout the building.




A seamless addition to the existing premises, delivered safely and with minimal disruption



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