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Our Values

Our core values are driven by authenticity, long term relationships and our passionate team.

At East On we never set out to script a list of values, they just came along as we went. We discovered that long term relationships worked better and that people counted. Add that to passion, and our values were set.

People and Partnerships

Every project we undertake comes with a caveat: if we can do it just as well with a smaller carbon footprint, we will. If we can make our work more inclusive, more socially responsible, we will. We are ISO 9001 certified, meaning that we understand the requirements of working successfully in partnership with our customers and suppliers using world class management systems that deliver the best outcomes for all.

In addition, our partnership with Sustainably Run Meetings ensures that, for every video meeting that we arrange instead of increasing our carbon footprint by travelling, a tree is planted. See how many trees we’ve planted so far:

People and Safety

There is no such thing as overkill in safety. During an underground build in St Johns Wood we factored in support structures for every storey above, far beyond any regulatory requirement. Just one example of taking safety to a different level.

People and Passion

East On gets invested in our jobs, and it has almost become our mantra to take on what might initially appear impossible, and then make it happen bigger and better than even our most optimistic client imagined.

People and Sustainability

We are committed to minimising waste on all our projects and also ensure that we recycle the maximum amount of packaging possible. Furniture removed from ongoing projects is also recycled or repurposed to other businesses or donated to our clients’ staff for home working use. East On also contributes directly to the homeless charity Crisis at Christmas.

But it’s more than that, we are ISO 14001 certified and have globally-agreed standards in place to ensure that our passion for the environment results in tangible benefits for the planet.


We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence and sustainability: we’ve been accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as SSIP certification. Click below to learn more.

Our Mission Statement

To create high quality, well designed and sustainable environments for our clients, working with them to understand, design, manage and deliver projects to the client’s timescales, satisfaction and budget.

Meet the Team

Meet our leadership team, between us we have experience in every element of this dynamic and fast evolving industry.