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A week in the life of…our Project Manager

A week in the life of…our Project Manager

Adam Walklett, Project Manager for East On Projects, tells us about the many and varied ways he ensures that we deliver our projects to plan.

Tell us about an average week in the life of a Project Manager

It probably won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that there is no such thing as an average week at East On Projects! We have a range of projects at various stages, so I could be on site when a client is at the pre-construction phase, working from either my home office or our office in Kennington or meeting with contractors and architects at various locations around the south east.

We assume you must be very organised…

There’s no doubt that it’s my job to keep the show on the road, but it’s about a lot more than simply being organised, although of course, that’s crucial. Technical knowledge is key to great project delivery.

What was your career path into project management?  

I grew up around the construction industry and then studied Civil Engineering; I think taking this route helps enormously on site, where I need to pick up on any potential issues, because it means I have direct experience of the practical aspects of construction and I’ve studied the theory formally too. You’re only as good as your contractors, so gaining their confidence that I understand their challenges means that projects flow smoothly.

What types of projects have you been involved with over the years?

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects spanning different government bodies in Westminster so I really have been involved in a wide spectrum of schemes.

Is there anything else that you think is crucial to successfully managing a project?

Yes, you really do need great people skills, not only listening to everyone in the wider team but also ensuring that you ask the right questions of your experts and not leaving anything to chance. Building relationships quickly is vital, as is having the foresight to spot any issues before they become problems.

How does your role cross over with the design function in the business?

I work very closely with Fernanda, our Interior Design Architect, to bring projects over the line and ensure that what she has designed is what is delivered to our clients. Everything we do is a team effort across the business, we’re on the phone, WhatsApp and Teams constantly when we aren’t together on site.

Sounds like there’s never a dull moment for you!

I love being busy and I’m definitely never bored.