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The East On team heads East…

The East On team heads East…

It was back to London again for the East On team recently, this time for a very productive day spent at Task System’s Shoreditch offices in East London, where we held our Quarterly Business Review and learnt about the fantastic Task range of furniture (more of that later!)

A highlight of our meeting was watching our Sales Director, Karl Fuller, taking us through a full DSE assessment. A DSE (or to give it its full name: Design Screen Equipment) assessment is a legal requirement for all employers to provide their teams with safe working environments, where every piece of furniture works harmoniously with keyboards and even mouse mats, to minimise any risk of long-term injury. As Karl took us through the benefits of a full assessment, every member of our team definitely found themselves sitting up straighter in their chairs!

So, it was only natural that we combined our understanding of the benefits of the right furniture with an in-depth look at the range on offer from Task. We are always hunting for cutting-edge design and thinking; the ranges we viewed certainly didn’t disappoint. Task’s Sales Manager Theo Andrews took us through the exclusive Italian ICF and Marelli ranges as well as their own Task products.

Highlights for us were the ICF NoTable meeting table, a highly customisable and adaptable product  which we viewed in a stunning blue Fenix finish. We also loved the Task Aim Lite Operator chair, made exclusively for Task in Germany by Interstuhl, with its focus on sustainability plus superb ergonomics.

Theo told us about the latest trends in office use post-pandemic and explained how demand is increasing for softer seating areas and lockers for hybrid workers. The range of Marelli furniture illustrated this perfectly with a choice of sofas and armchairs that we were all coveting, not just for the office but for our homes. But perhaps the most exciting trend was to see their range of bespoke acoustic rooms that offer privacy in otherwise open plan environments: spaces for concentration, collaboration and private conversations.

The Task team couldn’t have looked after us better and we’d like to thank them all for hosting the day. We’d love to show you more of the Task ranges, so if you’d like to learn more or would benefit from a DSE assessment for your team, just get in touch.